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Rewards Points = Discounts & Free Courses!

EngineerXED.com offers a variety of options for you to save money on our online courses. Our rewards program allows you to earn points in a variety of ways and redeem big discounts on courses and even cash them in for completely free courses!

Ways To EARN Points:

1 point = $1 credit

  • Create Account = 3 points
  • Points For Purchase = 1 point for every $1 spent
  • Sign Up for our Email Newsletter = 3 points
  • Like our Facebook page = 3 points 
  • Follow us on Twitter = 2 points
  • Refer a friend who spends over $10 = You receive 10 points
    (Friend gets 20% off coupon and also earns points on their total purchase)

    Start Saving Now!

    To start accruing points now all you have to do is create your account. Or you can purchase any course and that will automatically create your account for you (earning 3 points for next time) plus earn 1 point for every dollar spent!